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The Wadds Way
Training Halter

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Stainless steel hardware.
J. Hill:
   "I had the opportunity to see this training halter in use today!
     AMAZING. ..is all I can say.

For the Professional light response!

Custom designed by Professional Horseman 'Gord Wadds'
Made by a Master Craftsman

Gord is proud to introduce his innovative new training halter system. Originally developed to train longe line yearlings, it's light yet firm control has made it extremely popular to train showmanship as well as provide an easy fix to any horse that pulls while longing in either direction.

         The most exciting advantage that the system provides is that in a correctly structured training sequence such as Gord outlines in his
online course, or his personal professional training here on the ranch.  This 'Wadds Way' training halter system all but eliminates the use of the sometimes unforgiving chain.
           Available accessory cords for showmanship training and lateral lightness control compliment the training halter system.

        The soft hand rubbed harness leather is premium grade and the hardware is all the finest stainless steel designed specifically for this halter. The over the poll crown ring is to achieve a lower head position with the lightest pressure increase on the longe line or with either the lateral control cord or the showmanship accessory cord.